You'll have more peace and quiet knowing that your gutters are doing their job and never need to be cleaned. We stock and install several kinds and makes of gutter covers and, depending on your need, will recommend the best one for your particular application. Our products and installation are also unconditionally guaranteed so you have the peace of mind of knowing that your job was done right. We use products made only of stainless steel and aluminum and we try to give first class service based on your timing needs.

Even if you have a properly installed gutter system on your home.

You still need gutter covers to keep out the trash, leaves and debris.

Our Services

The Gutter Cover Guy stocks and sells gutter covers of multiple types to make sure that we have the one that is right for your specific installation. Our installers are thoroughly trained and supervised in the installation of each of our covers. Our guaranty ensures that the installation is done right and that the covers function as expected. Call or email to have one of our installers come by and explain the differences in the covers to you. At this time we can also measure your gutter length and develop a proposal for you. Then if you decide that our proposal meets your needs and is acceptable we will have all the information necessary to complete your installation.

An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime

Gutter covers are a must for homes that are surrounded by fir, cedar, maple, alder or other deciduous trees, particularly in Western Washington and Western Oregon with their continuous rainfall. Some gutter covers have louvers or screens, while others use fins, special membranes or sponge. Whatever system you choose has to keep small particles, and needles out of your gutters, require a minimum amount of maintenance, be durable, and long lasting.

Our rain gutter covers will keep your gutters clean, eliminate the constant need for you to be up on a ladder (or the roof), and ensure your investment lasts a lifetime. It works with most any style of roof or gutter system, can easily withstand the harsh effects of the elements, and is easy on your budget to boot.

Our Products

  • Standard Gutter Guards
  • Standard Gutter Guards are a smooth stainless steel screen that mount at a slight slope which provides for excellent debris removal while allowing only water into your gutters.

  • Versaguard
  • Versaguard is the perfect cover for those applications where the roof doesn't allow for the cover to slide under the first couple of inches of the roof.

The \"Standard\" gutter cover is made of a stainless steel screen and an aluminum sub structure. Mounts on your extisting gutters. Nothing but water flows through these covers!